15 Minutes Can Save You Hours Every Day

15 Minutes Can Save You Hours Every Day

Whether it’s the Monday morning blues, or the pre-coffee fog, we all know the feeling. Getting mentally refocused on a project, at work or at home, can be difficult.


The key to a productive morning, which often sets the pace of the entire day, is how we spend the last 15 minutes of the previous workday. Here are a few tips for better mornings…and maybe even productive Mondays!


  • Clean up the Daily Mess!

We all do it, try to do it, or at least say we do it. It’s not just cleaning. It’s a chance to reorganize and prepare for the next step. When it comes to project focus and productivity, this may be the most important thing we do all day.

  • Set Tomorrow’s Goals
    • Decide on a reasonable amount of work to complete the next day.
    • Choose a small project for the first hour of the day.

Pick something easy. Something you’ve already planned exactly what to do. This assures that your first hour will be productive while you mentally prepare for the job ahead.

  • Make sure that you have the materials needed to meet tomorrows goals.


Remember: The last 30 minutes of every day should be devoted to preparing for the next day.

Good luck with your Mornings and Mondays!