perfect miters

Ten Rules for Better Finish Carpentry

July 1, 2011

“Finish carpentry is more than interior trim. It includes siding, decking and even roofing–anything the owner will see after moving in. Rough carpenters evolve into finish carpenters by learning how to measure, mark and cut more accurately. With practice, splitting the pencil line with a sawcut and working to closer tolerances become second nature.” – […]

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How To: Finding Difficult Miter Angles

June 25, 2011

Shop Amazon – Cyber Monday Deals Week Working with Miters   An accurate miter joint provides beauty as well as strength. When working with stain-grade materials or large, detailed trim, there is no room for open miters or misaligned trim profiles. Although there are a number of “angle finders” on the market, it is often […]

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