Tool Review: Rockwell SoniCrafter RK5100K

by luke on June 22, 2011

Rockwell SoniCrafterRockwell SoniCrafter RK5100K


When I first heard about the SoniCrafter by Rockwell, I was very interested, but also quite skeptical. I didn’t already own anything from Rockwell and wasn’t very familiar with the brand. However, after doing some research on the brand, I found that they were a respectable brand with several unique takes on tools/jobsite accessories, like the Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse.

Do I love my SoniCrafter? Absolutely! Now let me explain…

The SoniCrafter is an corded, oscillating tool that competes with the classic Fein Multi-Master as well as a much cheaper offering by Dremel.

The SoniCrafter has the same solid, well-built feeling as the Multi-Master, which says a lot about a tool. In contrast, the Dremel has a much lighter, cheaper, “Black&Decker” feel to it. The SoniCrafter also has a rugged housing; built for jobsite use and abuse. It also has tough rubber covering the majority of the tool, cutting down on vibration and easing the shock when, not if :), it gets dropped.

When it comes to performance, the SoniCrafter cuts nearly as quickly as the Multi-Master, without as much vibration or noise. If you’ve never used an oscillating tool before; you may not understand the value of such a tool. This thing will cut pretty much anything! With the correct blade, the SoniCrafter easily cuts through grout, tile, shingles, hardwood, and even screw or nails! After having it for only a week, it had already saved me time and several headaches. Sanding with the SoniCrafter is a breeze. Not only does it work on small details, but it also leaves no swirl marks!

Another great thing about the SoniCrafter is the cost of blades. For everyone used to the $30+ price tag on Fein brand blades, the $12 option at any Lowe’s or the 3 pack for $20 here is a real money saver! I’ve heard of people making their own blades out of a cheap Jap’ Sawblade, but I haven’t personally tried to. The single marked weakness of the SoniCrafter compared to the Multi-Master is the blade fastening system. The SoniCrafter uses the common allen key instead of the faster, lever release. The SoniCrafter also comes with a durable, padded bag, which I actually prefer, instead of a hard case.

Basically, I love the Rockwell SoniCrafter. It’s priced only slightly higher than the Dremel but has the feel and performance of a Multi-Master at a third of the price!

Purchase the SoniCrafter and SoniCrafter Blades:


Rockwell SoniCrafter RK5100K 21-Piece Kit

Rockwell RW9121.3 Sonicrafter 1-3/8-Inch Standard End Cut Blade, 3-Piece



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AP June 22, 2011 at 8:39 pm

Nice review. I’ve never used a SoniCrafter or MultiMaster but I’ve used a Dremel a lot and can definitely say the quality is not very good. I’m also with you on preferring the padded bag. Much more versatile.


luke June 22, 2011 at 9:52 pm

I’m kinda hooked on the bags for organizing anyways. It’s a lot easier to pack and seems to waste less space than a hard case.


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