Cortex Fastening System

by luke on September 26, 2011

Cortex Screws for PVC Trim

One of the issues regarding Cellular PVC trim is the fastening. Trim is commonly fastened using galvanized finish nails. The downside of using finish nails on PVC trim is the expansion and contraction of PVC can cause the trim to loosen and buckle after several years of extreme heat and cooling. Using an appropriate trim head screw can prevent much of this buckling from occurring. Screws provide a longer lasting, “active” fastening, however, they also create a larger hole in the PVC trim. Filling nail holes in PVC trim can often be time troublesome…

  •  Often, PVC is left unprimed/unpainted and therefore must be filled with an appropriately colored filler. Even the best such products, (such as Bond and Fill) often “burn” or discolor the PVC trim.
  • PVC is a relatively soft product. Many of the fillers on the market are either harder or softer than the PVC trim. The result is a filled hole that cannot be sanded correctly.
  • Even if the filler chosen is adequate, the time spent on filling and sanding the holes is tiresome and excessive.

The solution?…Cortex Screw & Plug System!

After using Cortex screws on several jobs, I am convinced that they are often the most economical and aesthetically pleasing option.

My only concern with the system is the lack of adhesive on the plugs. It is possible that the plugs may loosen over time and either bulge or fall out entirely. Although the manufacturer seems to believe they will hold firm…only time will tell. In any case, they are certainly a great option to have!



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