3 Tips for Better Measuring

An accurate measurement is crucial to a perfect fit and efficiency. When something is difficult to measure accurately, it often leads to repeated trips to the cut table as the perfect fit is slowly achieved. The ability to measure with accuracy means we can be sure of the cuts and save time without sacrificing quality.

1. Mark in place.

Yeah, I guess it’s not actually measuring. Still, many people get in the habit of using a tape for everything. Often, the tape measure is a needless extra step where measurement errors occur. Marking a piece in place is a great way to save time and eliminate guesswork.

2. Measure to a block.

When a piece is “trapped” on both sides, it may be impossible to mark in place.

  • Cut a small block (relative to the length being measured).
  • Fit the block into one of the corners. Any angle adjustments should be made to this block before you mark the actual piece.
  • Measure from the far corner to the edge of the block.
  • Mark the actual piece at the measurement taken. Position your block on the mark and trace the end.

This Method is especially useful for long angle cuts where a tape measure simply won’t fit.


3. Use a shim for small measurements.

Taking very small, accurate measurements with the end of a tape measure is nearly impossible.

  • Slide a shim between the points until its snug.
  • Mark the shim.
  • Measure the shim at the mark using the 2nd inch of your tape to get a precise measurement.